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*福兴*是具有悠久历史的第三代业务,早在1960年由祖父创立。他于1930年从中国来到新加坡,希望开创事业与新的生活。在距离国家图书馆不远的北桥路,小小的起点。钢笔业务在1995年才正式起飞,孙子,第三代,看上了一只精致的纯银钢笔,那错综复杂的雕刻,独特的设计,深深吸引了他的目光。进一步研究中,他才发现,这实是手工雕刻的限量版万宝龙笔。而笔是对于洛伦佐·德·美第奇Lorenzo De Medici(一个意大利政治家,也是文艺复兴时期佛罗伦萨的实际统治者)的致敬。


~ *Fook Hing* is a 3rd generation business with a long history , founded as early as 1960 by the 1st generation owner who came to Singapore from China in 1930 with the hopes of starting a new life. With humble beginnings, Fook Hing was located in a shophouse along North Bridge Road, where the Singapore National Library now stands.

The Pen business took off in 1995 when the 3rd generation business owner chanced upon a exquisite sterling silver fountain pen, intricately engraved with unique designs. Upon further research about the pen, it came to his attention that this was actually the limited edition Montblanc pen that was hand engraved, in tribute of Lorenzo Di Medici. Out of curiosity, he began reading up about it and it sparked his interest in the pen industry - the process behind this craft.

Today, Fook Hing is currently a well-known and trusted source in this industry . High quality service is also the reason behind their long line of loyal customers who come back regularly for more - majority, keen collectors of fine writing instruments and watches.

Through the years, Fook Hing has undergo revamps to maximise comfort and modernise itself, understanding that the customer profile is vastly different from 10 years ago. Consumers now are more discerning and prefer to know more before purchasing. As such, Fook Hing ensures that the staff is all equipped and educated about their offerings. ~ Jimmy

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