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角膜塑型, 英文Orthokeratology,也称为“矫正角膜的科学方式”, 是运用一种高透氧的硬式眼镜,在让晚上睡眠佩戴时,可以渐进方式改便角膜表面形壮控制近视加深。 用者白天即使将塑型镜片去除,仍能保持清晰视力。

起源于美国,角膜塑型是一种安全,简单,且非侵入性的治疗方式。一般隐形眼镜由于透氧度有限,若眼睛状况不佳或镜片不干净,常会照成眼角摸缺氧损坏。角膜塑型镜片内缘具有多弧设计,睡觉时及时带6-8小时都可以透氧也利用角摸的可塑性 ,温和改变角膜弧度,矫正近视,

~ Designer Eyewear has been at Bras Basah Complex since its inception in 1993, consistently maintaining a customer-oriented goal of providing eyecare service excellence. We specialise in spectacles, contact lens dispensing and Orthokeratology. Our wide range of glasses or contact lens allows our customers to view the world in style - whereas Orthokeratology treatments enable children and athletes to attain perfect eyesight without the need for eyewear! There are only a handful of qualified Orthokeratology practitioners in Singapore, and we’re proud to be one of them!~

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