Evernew Book Store


Being so captivated by the Season Premiere of Riverdale, I was set on getting my hands on some of the good o’ Archie Comic Books. Back when I was younger, they used to be my childhood, presents that my parents would often surprise me with. But on my conquest for these old relics, what I discovered turned out even better.

Walking along New Bridge Road, I found to my amazement this book store that was a treasure trove of these old second-hand books. Established in 1988, this shop has over 30 years of history and customer base. According to the owner Mr Neo Siong Heng, the shop was originally a book rental shop, but due to the increasing emergences of libraries in Singapore, they had to change their main business strategy to selling books and holding book fairs.

Over here, the collection of books is timeless, ranging from 21st Century Bestsellers to some of the oldest books produced by our very own local writers. There is definitely a thrill when you tear apart the plastic wrapping from a brand-new book, but I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to hold in my hands a book that has been through so many years.

As a millennial, it seems like the recent books that I have read tended to be in digital forms. As I flipped through the brown wrinkled pages, and took in the redolence of this timeless work, I knew I got what I came looking for.

I felt like a child again.