Gems Shine Crystal


Gems shine has been around for 20 over years. The boss told me that she first started out as an owner of a candy shop. After taking over a shop that was selling crystals, she started reading up on them and fortune telling and eventually started running the crystals business.

The shop provides services such as fengshui reading, auspicious date selection and also baby names recommendations. Their services are based on the study of metaphysics, specifically the Chinese 5 elements. By finding out what element the person lacks, a specific crystal element is then recommended to complement him/her.

Most of the customers here are based on recommendations and good reviews. The boss is especially well known in the property and insurance line. I guess one thing that makes people want to come back is the fact the boss provides genuine and sincere counsel.

I asked the boss if she had experienced any changes to the business in the recent years, and she told me that there has been an increase in the number of 93/94 youngsters coming to have their fortune told. It seems like crystals and fortune telling have become more accepted and even popular within the new generation.

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