Gems Shine


About us:


Gems Shine is one of the longest standing geomancy consultancy in Singapore, selling a wide range of natural crystals, including semi-precious jewelry, that have a positive energy to enhance and enrich one’s personal luck at home or at the office.




Introduction of Master Joyce:


With decades of metaphysics experience under her belt, Master Joyce Ong has been practicing fengshui for the past 20 years helping clients to achieve breakthroughs in their lives whether is it in their career, love life, wealth or health.


Master Joyce is known for her personable personality in making her clients feels comfortable to share their problems with her and for her to be able to give good fengshui advices whether it is based on their bazi, yearly luck cycle or their house fengshui.

Services Provided:
1. Bazi, Ziwei Dou Shu, Power of Number Consultation:

Our Bazi consultation consists of learning about your 5 elements namely the metal, wood, water, fire, earth based on your birthdate and time of birth to reveal all about your life, your wealth potential, timing of your success luck, love life, health, family, career and everything you want to and need to know to ensure your potential being actualized. Advice of suitable colors, career, wealth directions, potential health issues, and auspicious numbers will be provided.


2. Yearly Luck Consultation:

Find out how your zodiac fare for the year and also using your bazi to forecast an overall and month to month luck analysis and also what to look out for.

3. Flying Star Analysis

Learn about the flying stars of your house and how these affects the different individuals of your family based on the different sectors. Advise will be given accordingly to the sectors namely: 3 Killings 三煞, Tai Sui 太岁, Wealth Star财位, Romance Star左弼星, Academic Star文昌星, Illness Star 病符星, Argument Star 禄存星, Yellow Star 灾难星, Robbery Star 破军星, White Star贪狼星, Heaven Star 武曲星


4. Fengshui On Site Consultation

Commercial and Residential HDB: 2RM, 3RM, 4RM, 5RM and above. Executive Condo, Private Condo, Factories. Retail and Industrial, Landed.

Services Includes:
1. Onsite Assessment
2. Auspicious Renovation and Move in Dates.
3. Family members Bazi Analysis
4. Renovation Advise and Color Schemes
5. Location of Bed and Suitable rooms for family members
6. Move in Ceremony and Procedures
7. Location and Placement of Stove

5. Auspicious Date Selection

1. Move in dates for new house.
2. Renovation Dates
3. Wedding Dates including ROM, Guo Da li and An Chuang
4. Business Opening Dates

Do note that we do not provide baby operation dates.

6. Baby Name Selection

1. Bazi, Ziwei Dou Shu, Power of Number Reading
2. Chinese Characters and suitable strokes provided



231 Bain Street, #01-67, Bras Basah Complex

Singapore 180231 Tel: 62975229

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 12pm- 6pm
Strictly by appointment only.