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Established since 2007, Intune Music has coached musicians and singers to push their artistic boundaries and excel in their pursuit for better music and inspiring vocal performances. Offering comprehensive singing lessons ranging from Classical Opera, Broadway Singing, Pop Vocals for Adults and Youths, Speech Level Singing as well as Estill Voice Training, Intune Music seeks to deliver the best vocal coaching and music instruction available in the region.

Chi Sheng and Aaron Matthew Lim

Intune Music is the brainchild of Master Vocal Trainer Aaron Matthew Lim 林伟强 (Right) and Pianist Songwriter Peng Chi Sheng 冯启胜 (Left). Armed with a combined teaching experience of over 35 years, our directors personally interview and hand pick the school’s qualified instructors to be able to deliver top quality vocal and music instruction, and yet also cultivate a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is welcome.


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Intune Music has a comprehensive selection of music and vocal courses, ranging from pop vocals, classical opera, broadway singing, guitar and ukulele, keyboard, songwriting and music arrangement, and much more. With such diversity, Intune Music seeks to be in tune with the music and life needs of people from all walks of life.


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Intune Music offers a diverse selection of more than 10 enriching music courses tailored to accommodate various interests and skill levels. Guided by our experienced instructors, you are guaranteed to maximize your learning experience.

Vocals Courses
1) Pop Vocal Singing
2) Broadway Singing
3) Classical Opera
4) Speech Level Singing
5) Estill Voice Training Instruments Courses
6) Classical Piano
7) Pop Piano
8) Pop Keyboard
9) Acoustic Guitar
10) Electric Guitar
11) Bass guitar
12) Ukulele Music Production Courses
13) Music Arrangement
14) Pop Songwriting Music Courses for suitable for Youth and Kids

For 2.5 to 6 years old
1) Kinderbeat Programme
2) Encore on Keys Programme
3) Children Singing

Course 4 For 7 to 11 years old
1) Youth Pop Vocal Singing
2) Youth Broadway Singing
3) Youth Classical Opera
4) Youth Pop Keyboard
5) Youth Ukulele / Guitar


Music Production Services

We firmly believe in inspiring the musical interests of not only our students, but also those of music lovers everywhere! This is why we are not only just a music school providing educational lessons in singing and instrument playing, we also provide professional music services to individuals, companies, schools and organisations too.

One person on computer with another singing

1) Professional Music Production Through the Professional Music Production services that we provide, we allow our students to be able to express themselves in these professionally recorded songs, and also give our songwriters and lyricists a chance to be able to compete with other regional writers for a chance to have their songs chosen for a professional CD album.

2) Demo Production Our demo production services provide budding songwriters and musicians an avenue for them to bring their songs to fruition. Watching one’s song transform from just a raw recording on an iPhone or mp3 recorder, into a recorded demo with music arrangement, is quite an inspiring experience for a songwriter.

3) Music Publishing and Music Distribution Solution Intune Music Publishing is dedicated to supporting aspiring musicians enrolled in our Intune Music program, along with local artists, by facilitating the publication and distribution of their unique and original musical creations


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