Shaojun Violin


A reserved man with a bold skill to behold – Mr. Wang is a violin maker.

It is a tricky thing; to master the skills of violin crafting and restoration! Mr. Wang is a degree holder of Luthier at the Violin Making School of America, where he dedicated three years to pick up and hone this unique set of skills. The complexity of the task goes beyond techniques of fine art restoration, to require adequate material knowledge and an exquisite eye for curves and surface construction (of the violin).

To date, Mr. Wang will tell you that “there is still much to learn” and more work to be done in the pursuit of perfecting his violin-making craft. He has completely converted what was once his father’s bookstore into a cosy workshop, where he displays his exquisite wares. On some days, you can find the music enthusiast imparting violin knowledge and teaching music to children.

Store Location: #02-17

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