Artcommune Gallery

Mr Hou Sou Ping has an aerospace engineering degree. He always had an interest for arts and painting ever since his secondary school days. In 2009, he decided to pursue this interest, leaving his job and opening a small gallery at Chinatown Point. Initially selling some of his own works, now Mr Hou mainly sells paintings by local artists.

He told me that money making was not the main goal of Artcommune Gallery, but rather it is about building the nation identity. He also mentioned about his aim of cultivating an art scene in Singapore, where there was a platform to train the new generation of galleries.

Looking at the works in his studio gallery, I cant help but feel some sense of national pride, knowing that there were art works produced locally that were being recognised worldwide.

I spent the next hour just walking around the gallery, looking at the exhibits and reflecting on life. It seems like we have been so busy with making things more efficient, that we have lost the precious moments where we just stop, and reflect.

“Painting is the silence of thought and music of sight.” Looking at all these paintings, I think I see it. The next generation of galleries that Mr Hou was talking about.

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