Color your life!


It never cease to amaze me how some people knew it all along. Unlike youths who pursue magic shortcuts to entrepreneurial success, I learnt that Mr Jacky Ong started his business determined to overcome obstacles like high initial capital investment. His resilience in adopting Kodak brand for photo development eventually paid off, generating huge profits back then. While he attributes his success to a strong family support and NAFA background, I looked at his humble smile and instantly knew that he is not another graphic designer I know, but one who is well versed in business strategies. Examples include sharing of fixed cost through leasing of machinery and developing competitive advantage through embracing competition.

I curiously asked how he is able to do it?

His answer was comforting to hear. Small stores like his are fighting back with technological development. Recognizing challenges of digitalization of photos, Mr Ong is venturing into different segments of the photo business with value-add services like photo framing and personalization. I was bewildered for a moment. Somehow it feels that this little store is leading in ways that business schools don’t teach, bringing service back to the forefront. That day, I came out of the store convinced how old stores with its experience continue to bring color into the service industry.