Media Grafix

media grafix01

Greeted with a very bright smile, I was introduced to Mr Ong Chee Hui, the man behind Media Grafix Pte Ltd.

Media Grafix has been in the scene of the graphics printing industry ever since 2013. Recommended by his in-laws, they decided to shift from their original photocopying business to this. The shop provides a wide range of services, including printing posters, shop signages and even stage backdrops.

Mr Ong revealed that the main bulk of their customers come from corporate companies. When talking about his previous customers, he told me of this interesting encounter with an “angmoh” who was walking around chatting people up. The two of them hit it off very well, and it turned out that he was actually the Chairman of a notable company, bringing Media Grafix one of their biggest deals till date.

Having a witty humour, Mr Ong really makes his clients feel so at ease. Quoting him, “You cannot fax a handshake.” , this personal touch that he values is what makes Media Grafix something special in this industry.