More Than A Print Job


Stepping into Art Sign for the first time, the unique layout of the shop stands out. While most shops hide their counters at the back of the shop, Art Sign has strategically positioned theirs at the shopfront.

Today, Bras Basah Complex is home to many printing shops but some 20 years ago, Art Sign was among the first few printing shops to begin their operations here. Leaving their original base of Paya Lebar, the vacated area has now been turned into their in-house printing operations base.

Speaking with Mr Koo, a long time staff at Art Sign, he shares that he has grown to love this job as he finds satisfaction in interacting with Art Sign’s ever-growing customer base. Mr Koo even stays back during lunch time to help manage the operations in the shop. Talk about dedication!

Mr Koo also shared about the unique relationship between Art Sign and the other printing shops. There are times when customers approach them for urgent orders and they are unable to handle. Instead of simply turning away, Mr Koo recommends his clients on the other printing shops in Bras Basah complex. The rationale? Mr Koo chuckles, ‘This is customer service.’

So why the unique layout at Art Sign? In my opinion, it must have been designed with the customer in mind.