Nanya’s Treasure Trove


How do you own a piece of history without breaking the bank? Mr Kok, the shop owner of Nanya tells us how.

Nanya is a store specializing in the all things old and cultural – from antiques and old currency to calligraphy and paintings. Mr Kok’s foray into the collecting scene started from his childhood days of hunting for old coins at the Sungei Road Thieves Market. Over the years, not only did he expand his collection, he also managed to rack up valuable experience that has helped him develop an acute sense in distinguishing the good from the bad, and the real from the fake.

Mr Kok shares that it is a common misconception that all antiques are all expensive. Historical value does not necessarily translate to market value, as market value takes into account other factors such as artistic quality. To own a piece of history, you just need to find one that fits your price range.

As if having ‘Professor’ Kok around was not enough, Nanya is also the home of the Numismatic Society. In our short time with him, we witnessed a stream of fellow hobbyists popping by. With so many friends visiting him, it is no wonder that Mr Kok doesn’t intend to retire anytime soon.