Of Watches and Pens


What is the value of a watch? Is it the design? Is it the movement? Or is it the brand?

The most irresistible timepieces are often those with amazing stories that capture the imagination. That is exactly the reason why Mr Cho always takes every watch service seriously. He has on countless occasions went the extra mile to service timepieces of great sentimental value to his customers, from wrist watches to wooden clocks. Therein lies the strength of Heng Wah – where the value of each timepiece is more than just its price, but includes its intrinsic value

Mr Cho’s interest in repairing watches can be traced back to his time in primary school. After lessons, he would eagerly rush to lend a hand at his parents’ watch store at Bugis Gui Lin Street. In the 1980s, seeing an opportunity at Bras Basah Complex, he took the bold move and bidded for a shopfront there.

The traditional style of watch display caught my attention. It is remarkable how as they change with the times, they still feel the need to keep the small intricacies and traditional style of business. From wooden wall clocks to table clocks, this forgotten store has many memorable items to offer as gifts. It is also a place of nostalgia where students can still find that one conventional pen for that old friend.