Some Commitments are Consistent

Mr Basheer has practically been in Wahab Pte Ltd his whole life. He began helping his father at the store at age 7. Now 60, he continues to run the store daily. Wahab’s business over the years has been consistent, and the traditional business practices that they, till this day, rely on are testament to Basheer’s management and customer relations abilities, as well as the effectiveness of the time-tested modes of business management.

Basheer still uses the traditional pen-and-paper to do all his book-keeping. Although he has recently switched to using a computerized system to send out invoices, the majority of the logistics off Wahab remains in hardcopy. Most impressively, Basheer does all of his stock-taking and inventory management by memory. There are clearly immense difficulties in maintaining such a system, and Basheer is one of few who manages this, but he remains humble when explaining his business and his reliance on traditional shopkeeping. As an extension of this humility, Basheer continues to maintain excellent relations with his customers, which include both individuals as well as larger companies.

Only time will tell if Basheer chooses to continue increasing Wahab’s adoption of technology to extend to other areas, but it is certain that given Basheer’s excellent attitude, customers will not stop patronizing Wahab.