What a stroke!


品画闲谈促膝,宣扬艺术中心. This motto reflects Pin Xuan Ge’s dual ambition to become a platform for appreciating and exploring art, and to serve as a centre to expand and develop Singapore’s art scene.

Specializing in Chinese art pieces, Pin Xuan Ge first started operations in 1992. In its 25-year history, this shop was more than just as an art gallery, having expanded its operations to include an art school at a point in time.

While the brand was established in 1992, Connie, the founder of Ping Xuan Ge, shared that her venture into Chinese art started in the 1980s. While she was sourcing for Chinese calligraphy and art supplies for Chen Soon Lee (her other business also located in Bras Basah Complex), she was exposed to exquisite Chinese art pieces and had the opportunity to interact with prominent artists.

During these trips, whenever she came across art pieces that she fancied, she would try to procure them. Driven by passion and interest, her efforts to seek and bring back these art piece has helped to grow her collection over the years.

Today, Ping Xuan Ge serves both as an avenue for her to share her collection, and as a platform for artists and collectors to interact. In line with Pin Xuan Ge’s motto, Connie has dedicated a portion of her gallery to showcasing the art works of local Singaporean artists, helping them to position themselves better in the art scene.

During my visit, I chanced upon art pieces composed by Master Ng Hoon Tiong. Looking at these art pieces by local artists, I can see how he attempted to express the local sights, scenes and life through Chinese art techniques. Instead of ‘traditional’ depictions of mountains, lakes and animals by Chinese artists, a significant portion of Master Ng’s drawings is relatable as he showcases a facet of life in Singapore, while incorporating the local landscape like orchids and people in his pieces.

Today, Bras Basah Complex has positioned itself as a cultural hub, and it is through the efforts of people like Connie that has helped to preserve and spread the appreciation of niche arts in our community. From time to time, the art galleries in Bras Basah Complex will collaborate to conduct an art exhibition. If you are interested, do take the time to drop by for a visit and experience the local art scene for yourself!