Why not invest in painting?


Ever thought of investing? Nope, not in bitcoin, shares, or emerging companies.

Perhaps, consider the value of color identity in an impressionist painting? Or invest in a piece of “Singapore art”?

This was the advice of Mr Goh Yeow Wan, a collector whose interest in art pieces grew from “Si Bao Zhai”. His relationship with art can be traced back to 1986 where he started this small calligraphy and art stationery store. He now owns artwork from three generations of artists including Chen Wen Hsi, Cheong Soo Pieng and Lim Tze Peng.

While moving into Bras Basah Complex just recently in 2017, Mr Goh articulated his ambition of revitalizing the complex as a place where art galleries come together to promote identity of Singapore art and culture. He is now seen as a figurehead, bringing more art gallery like “Artredot Gallery” and “artcommune gallery” into the complex. Investment in art can start small in the thousands. Mr Goh advocated how value of Singapore art still has room to grow. Auction 33 and Borobudur are avenues where more affordable pieces can be found. Unlike other investment portfolios, art pieces fear no competition because every piece is unique. Growth of art galleries really depend on individual management.

Maybe, the next time you bring a friend to an art gallery, why not go a step further and discover more of investment options in art?